1. As a lead builder - grow an email list w/ a freebie / newsletter and / or offer an "application" form experience

2. As an expertise platform - "here's who I am and my experience" w/ a only basic contact form

3. As a way for clients to interact / connect / login /access tools, etc. It can be some of all of that.

For everyone, it is messaging and how to present on a website so it's clear, compelling and effective for the visitors. Tell me... which of these is most important for your website to operate well for your business?

i.e. website on WordPress / Wix / Squarespace. Email marketing on Ontraport / ConvertKit, Keap, etc.

We are Ontraport Certified Experts and Go High Level partners, with experience in many other tools (Active Campaign, Convert Kit, etc). These tools allow us to best serve our clients, but designing and selecting the right "tech stack" is part of the experience with our team.